Premier Composite Technologies To Build New Ichi Ban

I’ve never been a fan of cut-and-paste blogging, and despite the penalties applied by Google to sites that regurgitate the same copy as everyone else, the practice continues. There are downsides to unquestioningly publishing the press releases as so eloquently outlined by Clarke and Dawe in this piece…

 Having said that… sometimes there are news stories which I believe are interesting to you and I can’t really add any value to other than present them for your consideration having waded through hundreds of other news items which end up in the RSS reader equivalent of the bin.

So the following is an edited version of a press release….

Dubai-based Premier Composite Technologies (PCT) will build Matt Allen’s new Carkeek Design Partners designed 60 foot grand prix race boat. Allen aims to win the next Sydney-Hobart race with the new boat.

Hannes Waimer, Managing Director of PCT says:

“This is a very exciting project for Premier Composite Technologies. It is a great opportunity for us to showcase our experienced team to build to the highest quality and tolerances, but to embrace the challenge of using our industry leading technology and manpower to meet a demanding deadline. And, of course, on top of those challenges it is a pleasure for us, as active sailors, to be building a boat that we believe will be a potential winner.”

The new Ichi Ban is designed to win under IRC and HPR and will be active in Australasia after the Sydney-Hobart.

Matt Allen commented on his new boat:

“My view is that 60ft is a good size for ocean racing and the average wave pattern. 70ft is sometimes too large for the waves and 52ft is quite small when going upwind in heavy conditions. Also with modern tight luff downwind sails the 60 footer can be more efficient than a 52. When sailing around the buoys a 60 can sail away from the 52 quickly, even if on the wrong side of the first wind shift.”

“I have sailed Maxi yacht, Farr 52, Farr 400, Farr 40, IOR, IRC & Admiral’s Cup yachts. I like sailing fast powerful yachts and the modern yacht is so much fun & fast to sail downwind. The Carkeek 60 should be fast downwind due to light displacement and generous sail area. The apparent wind angle downwind due to the high potential speed will assist the modern downwind sails.”

Premier Composite Technologies is the builder of the series-build Farr 400 One Design and has a long history of building high quality custom, semi- custom and production yachts

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